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High Integrity Software 2017 Conference — October 17 — Bristol, UK

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Towards Trustable Software

Paul Sherwood

CEO, Codethink Limited

About Paul Sherwood

Paul Sherwood is CEO at Codethink, which provides advanced software engineering primarily for FOSS, embedded systems, automotive systems and cloud infrastructure. Paul has an MA in Engineering from Oxford University. He developed his first commercial software in 1981, founded Teleca in 1992, wrote the Software Commandments in 1996, and has consulted at telcos, OEMs and service providers. In recent years Paul has been working primarily in the automotive and financial sectors on methods, processes and open source tooling to increase transparency, traceability, measurability and accountability for large-scale projects. In 2016 he raised a call-to-action for Trustable Software engineering on critical projects demanding safety, security, longevity, and predictable performance.

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